Credits & License

The World Park is based on research led by Richard Weller (Meyerson Chair of Urbanism and Professor and Chair of Landscape Architecture and Co-Director of the McHarg Center at The University of Pennsylvania) in association with researchers and collaborators: Oliver Atwood, Shanshan Bai, Alice Bell, Elliot Bullen, Emily Bunker, Tone Chu, Zuzanna Drozdz, Melissa Flatley, Madeleine Ghillany-Lehar, Miriam Grunfeld, Claire Hoch, Rui Huang, Anni Lei, Rob Levinthal, Misako Murata, Allison Nkwocha, Shannon Rafferty, Andrew Ward, Lucy Whitacre, Alexandra Zazula, and Shuyao Zhang.

Website design and development by Chris Proctor and Zuzanna Drodz.

Graphic and logo design by Madeleine Ghillany-Lehar.

This work is released under a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. All uses of the Work must be accompanied by proper attribution of authors and contain the World Park website You may not make or publish derivatives of the Work (including remixing, transforming, adapting, changing, or building upon the Work) in any context, whether commercial or non-commercial. For any uses of the Work that fall outside these license restrictions, please seek permission by emailing Richard Weller.